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Hotfix Iron-on Rhinestone Application Instructions

Hotfix Iron-on Rhinestone Application Instructions

Hotfix Iron-on Rhinestone Application Instructions

1. Select a porous fabric or surface to apply your motif, such as a garment or ribbon. Test your item

first to make sure it will be able to withstand the heat of the iron or heat press.

2. Set your iron to a high setting (wool/cotton). Turn the steam OFF. Place the fabric to receive the

transfer on a firm, flat surface. If using on fabric, iron the fabric before applying rhinestones.

*If using a heat press machine, set it to 340 degrees and press 15 seconds facing upwards and 10

additional seconds flipped over. It is advisable to use an ironing sheet.

3. If applicable, insert a piece of paper between the front and back of the garment so the glue will not

seep to the back side.

4. Peel the white paper backing off the plastic transfer paper. Place the transfer sticky side down on

the fabric. It may be gently removed and repositioned at this point. Inspect the stone layout before

ironing to make sure no stones moved while handling.

5. Iron the transfer with firm, even pressure. It is best to use a Teflon ironing sheet to more evenly

distribute the heat and pressure and also keep the iron from directly touching the plastic transfer

sheet. If you do not have an ironing sheet, you can also use a thin cloth such as a tea towel. Do

not wiggle the iron as it can loosen/move some of the stones. Heat at least 30 seconds per position.

Ensure that all stones are heated and have pressure applied. The stones under your iron’s vent

holes will not receive pressure, so be sure to use the middle of your iron.

6. Let the plastic cool to room temperature. Gently and slowly peel the plastic transfer sheet away at

an angle. The stones will remain on the fabric. If any stones are lifted up, lay the plastic back

down and re-iron the areas where the stones were lifted.

7. When the plastic is removed, press the design again to reset any stones that may have loosened

when removing the transfer sheet or not adhered well originally.

8. The item can be machine-washed inside-out (for garments) on a gentle, cold cycle. Lay flat or

hang to dry.